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Weddings with Taste

Our innovative and energetic team is comprised of seasoned professionals with more than 30 years of experience. With an honest passion for the industry, Taste Catering provides fresh ideas combined with exceptional service in design, production and execution of customized events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Wedding designers work with each bride and groom on custom menu planning, floral, tabletop design and full-service event planning. Taste Catering uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients and actively supports local growers and producers that engage in organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Taste Catering is proud to be "Green Certified" by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.


taste catering executive designer billy cook

BILLY COOK, Executive Floral & Decor Designer
Whether he's hunting for the perfect ribbon for a bouquet, setting a flawless table, drafting menus, or selecting props to fill out a room, Billy is inspired and impassioned by his surroundings. He believes that inspiration and passion are infectious, and he enjoys consulting with clients and sharing their excitement since joining Taste in 2003.

As head of the Décor Department with 13 years in the events industry, Billy uses his savvy, experience and established relationships with venues and vendors throughout the Bay Area to help me bring a client’s vision to fruition. Billy brings expert knowledge of current industry trends, as well as intimate touches to personalize an informal rehearsal dinner or a grand and complex reception. 

taste catering wedding designer shannon heimlichSHANNON HEIMLICH, Wedding Designer
For Shannon, the culinary world has been a passion that has steered her professional and personal life. As a lead concierge at San Francisco's Stanford Court, she loved creating unique experiences for guests. From recommending favorite local restaurants among San Francisco’s stellar collection to planning activities and memorable engagements, she thrived on customizing the guest experience.

When it came to planning her own destination wedding, the joy of creating a memorable experience for her family and friends was visceral. From that moment, she knew that helping others create these kinds of experiences for their loved ones was her calling. Shannon came to Taste in 2011 as a Wedding Production Manager and has spent the last three years mastering the skill of on-site logistics and event production. Now, as a Wedding Designer, Shannon employs her passion for creating a customized experience and her expertise in production to create unforgettable weddings for each bride and groom.

taste catering wedding designer christopher leeCHRISTOPHER LEE, Wedding Designer
Christopher brings years of event production and wedding planning experience to Taste’s wedding department. Formerly the lead wedding planner for Leftwich Event Specialists, Christopher often brought his brides and grooms to Taste. Menu planning was secretly his favorite part of the process and he knew he could let his creativity flourish with the customized approach that is Taste’s signature.

Christopher joined Taste’s wedding team in October 2014 and with him came a fresh style. His menu design style stems from his family and growing up in a Korean household where his mother and grandmother would cook from scratch daily. Their desire: To create a balanced meal that is also comforting and nourishing to the mind and soul. Christopher believes, the wedding meal and dining experience to be the most pivotal part of a couples Big Day and he looks to bring this same ‘balanced’ approach to the wedding meal – nourish your friends and family in a gracious and comfortable setting. To Christopher, food, décor, ambiance, and service all have an important role to play in the overall experience of a wedding; everything needs to be in sync to have a successful event. Christopher’s strength is helping a bride or groom focus their vision resulting in a balanced and beautiful event. His philosophy: Less is more. Focus on highlighting what already exists rather than trying to cover it up.

At home, Christopher enjoys spending a day in the kitchen recreating a treasured family recipe: Korean Shortribs braised in soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, pear, radishes, potatoes and Korean red dates. Christopher is also an active volunteer with several organizations including the San Francisco Symphony League, Symphonix, and as Former President of the Bay Area Arthritis Auxiliary.